About Us

Klimaka Studios is the result of decades of innovation in both the custom home décor and textile printing industries. Our fabric and wallpaper collections are inspired by original artwork, created in partnership with collaborating artists and designed with the understanding of how fabrics are manipulated into exquisite soft home furnishings. With the experience that comes from building a community of sewists and upholsterers through The Workroom Channel, we've tailored our designs to suit the needs of the fabricators who work to create the beauty within our homes. These fabrics are for you!


Not bound by traditional manufacturing or distribution methods, KLIMAKA's on-demand printing eliminates the nagging interruptions of backorders and discontinued patterns. The freedom of ink-jet printing also provides incredible flexibility in color and design, allowing custom colorway options on most patterns. In addition, approved WORKROOM TRADE ACCOUNTS are given exclusive access a library of engineered designs for pillows and poufs. Complete with cut lines,
pattern-matching markings, and bias-cut welt (when applicable), these layouts eliminate fabric waste and reduce fabrication time. Visit the FABRICATION HUB to view the latest video tutorials.